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Facts about the OKC Zoo Animals

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The Zoo is home to approximately 1,900 of the world's most exotic animals, including 500 species of animals and 54 endangered or threatened species through cooperation with the AZA's Species Survival Plans.

Mammal Collection

The Zoo is home to 87 species of mammals.

The Zoo is the only zoo in Oklahoma to house Western lowland gorillas. Many breeding successes include the oldest Western lowland gorilla in the United States to give birth. The Zoo also has the rare distinction of housing two family troops of Western lowland gorillas.

The Zoo is one of only 23 zoos in North America to exhibit the rare okapi species.

The Zoo is one of only 21 zoos in North America to manage Indian rhinoceros.

The Zoo is one of only 11 zoos in the United States to exhibit the Pere David's deer, which is extinct in the wild.

The Zoo is one of only six zoos in the United States to exhibit the Indo Chinese sika deer.

The Zoo is one of 12 in the United States to exhibit pudu, a genus of small deer.

The Zoo is one of only 17 zoos to exhibit bat-eared foxes.

The Zoo has the largest North American collection of canids (from the carnivore family related to wolves, dogs and foxes).

The Zoo has the most diverse collection of cats, both large and small, in the region.

The Zoo is one of only 19 zoos to exhibit the black-footed cat, with only 28 total animals in North America.

The Zoo is one of only 20 zoos to exhibit the spotted hyena, with 46 total animals in the United States.

Cat Forest/Lion Overlook is the only exhibit of its kind to house both large and small cats in a naturalistic habitat.

Only the seventh zoo in the world to have twin gorillas born in 1999.

Great EscApe is the only exhibit of its kind to house all three great ape species in one major exhibit.

Second zoo in North America to hatch the New Guinea helmeted skink.

Bird Collection

The Zoo is home to 117 species of birds.

The Zoo is one of only a few North American zoos to exhibit many indigenous species of birds in a free flight aviary.

The Zoo is the only zoo in Oklahoma and one of nine in the nation to exhibit endangered harpy eagles.

The Zoo is one of only 16 zoos to exhibit the Guam rail.

The Zoo is the only Zoo in Oklahoma with two breeding colonies of American and Chilean flamingos.  Working with the Miami Metro Zoo and the AZA, the OKC Zoo hatched 11 Caribbean flamingos as part of the Hialeah Racetrack Conservation Project in 2007. The Hialeah Racetrack has now become home for a colony of wild flamingos.

The Zoo's success in bird breeding includes the Congo peafowl, Congo pheasant , wreathed hornbill, Bali Mynah, three species of crane, macaw, lorikeet, raptors, waterfowl and many others.

The Zoo is has participated in the cinereous vulture SSP. Eight cinereous vultures have been hand-raised at the Zoo since 1989.

The Zoo has participated in the Andean and California condor recovery program by donating eggsand chicks to the release program in South America.

The Zoo supports conservation projects benefiting the white-naped and red-crowned cranes in Russia.

Reptile and Amphibian Collection

The Zoo is home to 153 species of reptiles and amphibians.

The herpetological collection represents many different species of reptiles and amphibians, from crocodilians to poison dart frogs.

Many different species have been bred for the first time in captivity at the Zoo.

The Zoo houses a large group of Galapagos tortoises.

The reptile and amphibian department has had several successful animal breeding programs including beaded lizards and Gila monsters, the only two venomous lizard species in the world.

The Zoo has participated in a variety of population management plans and species survival plans, including the Panamanian golden frog.

Fish, Aquatic Invertebrates and Marine Mammal Collection

The Zoo is home to 155 species of fish, aquatic invertebrates and marine mammals from around the world.

Housed in the Noble Aquatic Center, the collection also includes California sea lions and harbor seals.

During the warmer months, guests can enjoy the Zoo’s Sea Lion Show, a fun and educational presentation that highlights natural behaviors of sea lions and conservation efforts.

The aquarium department collection includes seahorses, sharks, live coral exhibits and an 18,000 gallon native fish tank.

The Zoo has participated in the Lake Victoria cichlid species survival program.

Weighing over 200 pounds, the Zoo’s alligator snapping turtle is one of the largest on exhibit in the United States.

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