Asha and Chandra - Their Stories

Asha and Chandra - The Two Sisters

picture of elephants asha and chandra


Through our collective conservation, education and research programs, elephants in our care play an essential role in the survival of the species in Africa and Asia. The number of Asian elephants in the wild has diminished to an estimated 30,000, scattered throughout several countries. 

In the wild, Asian elephants reside in tropical forests and often farm and grasslands located adjacent to these habitats.  Asian elephants can grow up to 11,000 lbs and stand about 10 feet tall, although females elephants generally grow to about 8 ½ feet tall and weigh less than their male counterparts.  While their size may be distinguishing, their notorious grey color is not—this skin coloration allows them to blend in to their forest environment.  Their trunks provide an important adaptation as they allow the elephants to reach objects close to the ground, eat, drink, blow dirt for skin protection, greet other elephants, fight and much more.  Asian elephants can live up to 60 years in the wild, but most do not live that long due to dangers in their environment such as poaching and habitat destruction.  The Asian elephant is on the Endangered Species List and is in real threat of becoming extinct if conservation efforts are not made to preserve the species.


Asha picture of elephant walking


Sex:  Female

Birth date: February 2, 1995

Lived here since: December 1, 1998

Mom to Malee, born April 15, 2011!

Look for: Pink freckles on her trunk and a slightly larger belly! Asha is also taller than Chandra. 

Asha’s Personality

¨     Very vocal; she squeaks when she's excited or unsure of something.

¨     Has a big appetite.

¨     A little fickle at times, but sweet.

¨     Depends on her little sister and seeks her out whenever she's feeling tentative.


Asha’s Favorite Snacks:

¨     You name it, she likes it! Food glorious food!


Asha’s Favorite Hobbies:

¨     Playing in the mud

¨     Playing with her sister

¨     Rock climbing


Chandra picture of elephant chandra


Sex:  Female

Birth date:  July 2, 1996

Lived here since: December 1, 1998

Look for: Tusks! Chandra has small tusks, and also more hair on her forehead than Asha. 


Chandra’s Personality

¨     Very smart and mischievous

¨     Precocious

¨     Quite independent and social


Chandra’s Favorite Snacks:

¨     Bananas

¨     Sweet feed

¨     Browse especially bamboo

¨     No oranges or eggplant, please!


Chandra’s Favorite Hobbies:

¨     Rock climbing and playing "Queen of the Mountain" with her sister

¨     Wallowing in the mud


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