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Zoos and aquariums: The front line of conservation?

The zoo in your city may be thousands of miles from the savannahs of Africa — but its effect on wildlife conservation may be many times greater.

Rescued Gorilla Orphan Returns Home

An endangered female Grauer’s gorilla confiscated from poachers in Rwanda in August 2011 was airlifted home to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) on May 19, 2014.

The Road to Bilsa

Spending two weeks jetting around Ecuador with the Jatun Sacha Foundation on behalf of the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Northern Rangelands Trust Expands Focus

The NRT leaders begin three new areas of focus and establish the Elephant Protection Initiative.

Recent Rhino Extinctions Gain Attention

The emerging debate around the recent announcement of the Dallas Safari Club’s plans to auction a trophy hunt for a critically endangered black rhino in Namibia has touched off a firestorm of comments from concerned individuals and organizations around the world.

OKC Zoo Curator Learns the True Treasure of an Elephant Trunk

Recently, Oklahoma City Zoo Animal Curator Laura Bottaro had the unique opportunity of traveling to Bela Bela, South Africa, to attend a workshop hosted by the United States Army and Adventures With Elephants (AWE). Bottaro and scientists, biologists and conservationists from around the world, all with the common goal of saving Africa’s elephants and rhinos, attended the first annual Indigenous Biosensor Workshop.

OKC Zoo Employee Awarded Trip to Indonesia for Rhino Conservation Fundraising

An extreme rise in rhino poaching has created a vanishing wild rhino population around the world and the destruction of natural habitats. So what is a person to do? Go bowling, of course!

Mountain Gorilla Numbers Up in Bwindi National Park

The world population of mountain gorillas has increased to 880 individuals, according to the latest census data released by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Small Conservation Grants Impact Giant Armadillos In Brazil

Annually, the Zoo’s Conservation Action Now (CAN) small grant program awards individuals or organizations with small grants to help fund meaningful conservation efforts around the globe. The Pantanal Giant Armadillo Project, headed by conservationist Arnaud Desbiez, was a 2012 recipient.

World Rhino Day

Although events are happening Saturday, September 22, 2012, all over the world in response to World Rhino Day, everyday is rhino day at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Siri's Success Story

This is the success story of Siri, a toddler chimp who needed our help and the Zoo's second surrogate transition.

Trained to Protect - Rangers from the Northern Rangelands Trust

A few months ago we reported that one of the large grant programs the Oklahoma City Zoo supports is the ranger station in Lekurruki ,Kenya one of 17 conservancies under the umbrella of the Northern Rangelands Trust. To date through the Conservation Action Now committee the Oklahoma City Zoo has sent $76,000 to support the ranger’s efforts to thwart elephant poaching and engage in animal/human conflict resolution. Zoo conservation funds built the new ranger station and radio room completed in 201

Why the Ocean Deserves a Day

Much of the ocean is still a mysterious and uncharted territory. Currently we know more about space than what makes up 3/4ths of our world and 97% of all water on earth. June 8 is set aside internationally as World Ocean’s Day and the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden is celebrating this event by sharing our knowledge about ocean conservation issues throughout June.

PLANT POWER! Celebrate and Conserve.

Plants are the backbone of all life on Earth and an essential resource for human and animal well-being

20 Ways to Conserve Birds

It’s the 20th anniversary of International Migratory Bird Day. This year’s theme is “Connecting People to Bird Conservation.” Here are 20 easy ways that you can help birds! Join the Zoo for Endangered Species Day on Friday, May 18 from 10am to 2pm to learn more.

Raising Zoe

This is the story of “Zoe”, a young chimpanzee with an uncertain beginning, and the challenges of the team that raised her.

All About "Ape"ril

"Ape"ril is the perfect month to go bananas at the Zoo and celebrate our fascinating apes.

"Frog Blog" Interview with Kristin Laurie, Herpetarium

A Wendell's Frog Blog exclusive interview with Kristen Laurie, Reptile and Amphibian Keeper at the Oklahoma City Zoo about their brand new amphibian exhibit that opened on Leap Day

A Slippery Slope

Almost half of the world's known amphibians are in trouble. One third of the world's amphibians are threatened with extinction and half of those will need to be maintained in captivity to keep the species from going extinct. Six percent are near threatened and 25% of amphibian species are in need of more research to determine their status in the wild.

Conservation Education Through Citizen Science

Notable citizen science programs that have occurred at the OKC Zoo include monarch tagging, turtle trapping and releasing, and the Great Backyard Bird Count. What is citizen science and how does the zoo participate?

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