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Dr Pepper

"I Spy" Zoo Safari

Get your game on at the Oklahoma City Zoo! Play our free Dr Pepper "I Spy" Zoo Safari from March 31 through May 11, 2014. Each week, the Zoo Safari will lead you to four “I Spy” clues on Zoo grounds. (Recommended for children age 11 and under.)


Zoo Safari Instructions:

  • The Dr Pepper Zoo "I Spy" Safari runs from March 31 - May 11 for kids ages 11 and under.
  • Each week, the Safari will lead you to four clues (pictures) on "I Spy" signs on Zoo grounds.
  • Once you find the clues, scan the QR code on each sign to learn fun facts each week.
  • Then, go to Guest Relations to tell us what you saw to collect your prize.
  • Clues and prizes will change weekly, so play again!
  • Hint:  “I spy” clues will be grouped together in Zoo areas
  • Keep checking the Zoo's Facebook fan page (click here) for periodic giveaways of our one-of-a-kind Dr Pepper Zoo Safari T-shirts.



Week 6 - Island Life

 Fun things you may not know about Island Life....

  • The Zoo's Island Life animals live in habitats that mimic their natural island existence.


  • Did you know that flamingos are white when born, turn gray and then pink?


  • Did you learn from our Island Life exhibit how islands are formed?


  • How long does it take for a Galapagos tortoise to reach adulthood?


  • Did you know you can help the OKC Zoo become the "Best U.S. Zoo?" You can vote once per day until noon on May 19 at  Thank you for voting!


Week 5 - Aquaticus

Fun things you may not know about water conservation...

  • Did you know that keeping trash out of waterways is important for all living things?


  • Did you know that the Zoo has recycle bins for all your plastic bottles and aluminum cans?


  • Did you know that turning off a leaky faucet saves 2,700 gallons of water a year?


  • Join us for World Ocean's Day at the Zoo on June 6 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Learn about the world’s oceans and aquatic inhabitants and how we in Oklahoma are connected.


Week 4 - Oklahoma Trails

Fun things you may not know about the Oklahoma Trails exhibit...

  • Oklahoma Trails includes more than 800 individual animals that are native to Oklahoma.

  • Our alligator snapping turtle was named after the Oklahoma town of Tishomingo.

  • Within Oklahoma Trails, you will find Oklahoma’s state wildflower, the Indian Blanket.

  • More than 700 trees adorn the Oklahoma Trails landscape and more than 500 plants garnish the free-flight aviary.

  • Party for the Planet, our family-fun Earth Day celebration, will be Sunday, April 27, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Event activities are free with Zoo admission. We'll also be announcing the Zoo's 110th birthday promotion for the summer.


Week 3

Fun things you may not know about the Children’s Zoo…

  • Each of our 12 Nigerian dwarf goats living in the Barnyard is named after an Oklahoma city or town, including Gotebo, Norman, Duncan, Edmond, Bixby, Hugo, Perry, Oologah, Bowlegs, Chandler, Dewey and Jet.

  • The squirrel monkeys are named after hurricanes: Floyd, Hugo, Felix,  Bobbi and Katrina.
  • Kids are playful by nature and while in the Children’s Zoo we want them to look under rocks, get their hands and feet wet, and explore every path!

  • Most of the animal identification signs can be sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb!”

  • The Children's Zoo grassy meadow is the site for the Zoo's annual HOPabaloo Easter Tiny Tot Scrambles for ages 2 - 5. Join us this year on Sunday, April 20. Tickets are free with paid Zoo admission. Click here for details.


  • Join us for storytelling fun on Grandma’s Porch every Tuesday in June and July for Wild Tuesdays Story Time Safaris.


Week 2

Fun things you may not know about the Herpetarium....

  • The Herpetarium houses more than 65 habitats of reptiles and amphibians.


  • Built in 1928, the historic building has recently undergone renovations to highlight a vibrant diversity of reptiles and amphibians from around the world.


  • Can you say "shingleback skink" fast five times?


  • The axolotls are only found one place on earth in the wild--a lake beneath Mexico City.


  • Elephant Malee's third birthday is Sunday, April 13, from 1 - 3 p.m. And hop on down to the Zoo's annual Easter celebration event on Sunday, April 20, from noon -3 p.m. in the Children's Zoo. You'll have a hopping good time!

Week 1

Fun things you may not know about the Great EscApe....

  • Great EscApe is the only exhibit of its kind to house all three great ape species (gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans) in one major exhibit.

  • The Zoo has the distinction of having the oldest Western lowland gorilla in the United States to give birth.

  • The Zoo has the rare distinction of housing two family troops of Western lowland gorillas.

  • The Zoo's newest resident of Great EscApe is baby Leom, who was born last year on Valentine's Day.

  • The Zoo partners with the Pan Eco Foundation, which has worked with Sumatran and international vet hospitals to rehabilitate and re-release more than 180 orangutans in the wild.


  • The Zoo helps save gorillas...and you can, too! Join the Give for Gorillas Cell Phone Challenge by donating old or used cell phones to the Zoo. The group (or person) that collects the most cell phones will win an ultimate prize package from the Zoo! Click here to learn about the contest and how recycled cell phones help save gorillas.


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