Oklahoma City Zoological Park and Botanical Garden
2000 Remington Place
2101 NE 50th St. (mail)
Oklahoma City, OK  73111
(405) 424-3344

Have you checked our Automated Voice Response system? Call our main number (405) 424-3344 and after the introduction, please use the following menu selections with a touch tone telephone to speed up your call.

Press 1 for hours, admission prices and directions:
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Press 1 for: hours and admission prices
Press 3 for: directions to the Zoo
Press 4 for: group pricing

Press 3 for group reservations and guest special services:
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Press 1 for: group reservations at Guest Relations
Press 3 for: guest special services

Press 4 for Education classes, Zoomobiles and volunteer programs:
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Press 1 for: available classes, to schedule a class or with questions about a class you have scheduled
Press 3 for: volunteer information
Press 4 for: Zooper Kids
Press 5 for: Education Secretary
Press 6 for: Education Director

Press 5 for catering information

Press 6 for special events and promotions:
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Press 1 for: special events and promotions
Press 3 for: animal adoption program
Press 4 for: speaker information
Press 5 for: donation requests

Press 7 for Human Resources:
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Press 1 for: open job information
Press 3 for: Human Resources representative

Press 8 for Gift Shop

Press 0 for the Zoo Operator

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